Friday, July 01, 2005

The Trip Home - Yellowstone

Lets begin with some map images that can be referenced to find locations. The general travel was in from the east entrance, up the Yellowstone river, over to Madison, down to Old not so Faithful then back up to Mammoth Hot Springs and out the north entrance.

In the beginning there was fire and ice. The Ice is still around. This set of pictures is from around Sylvan Lake.

The next set are from the Yellowstone Lake View Overlook

Buffalo along the lake

Yellowstone River just north of the Sulphur Cauldron

Pardon the sideways pictures, but this is artist's point, one of the most photogenic places in the entire park. It comes highly recommended and is probably the only major attraction in the park that is not dying.

More buffalo, along Fountain Flat Drive

The Old Faithful Inn, Closed for Renovation this year. Neat building

Geysers other than Old Faithful near Old Faithful. We missed Old Faithful due to its less than Faithful nature nowadays.

Buffalo on the drive back to Madison from Old Faithful

The rest of these pictures are from the Hot Springs formerly known as Mammoth. They are still impressive, however if you look at the dead ground, that all used to be hot springs. These springs are dying, and if you have any incentive to visit them, I would highly recommend that you visit soon. I visited ~10 years ago and there was at least twice as much flowrate and more covered area with live hot springs. See them soon before they are gone.

This next picture is the money shot, one of the best pictures from the entire Yellowstone Series.


Blogger xcwomac said...

WOW!These shots are so amazing, or I mean the landscapes that these shots represent are so amazing. Most of them are truly awesome. I actually said, "Wow," outloud to myself several times. Just incredible. The falls (at Artist's Point) that you took pictures of are almost too beautiful to believe. I would love to see (and hear!) that in person. All of the hot springs pictures were amazing. It's incredible how much the area is changing so quickly, though. It's got to be one of the most geologically active areas in the world, most definitely. The picture of the buffaloe with the baby buffaloe was SO cute! I was able to find all of the areas that you mentioned by name, in both blogs you posted, on the maps. A couple of them took a while to find (Fountain Flat Drive), but I did manage to find them all. I wanted to trace your steps!

7/13/2005 11:34 AM  

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