Saturday, February 18, 2006

Flood Cooling Components and Estimated Costs

Flood cooling reservoir, pump, nozzle, tubing, filter: 296-2030 ~80$

Flood Coolant (tri-cool) 296-2345 ~30$ (makes 10 gal minimum depending on machining) looks to be similar to antifreez, wash hands thuroughly after using.

Extra tubing
Home depot, 1/2" OD ~3$/20ft

Vynil floor protectant for flexible semi-clear screen
Home depot 12ft 50cents/foot

Cage around setup
Two rack mount racks, scrapped. Free if you can find someone throwing them out

18" x 24" 080 plexiglass 5$

24"x36" plexiglass 15$

Whole bunch of clamps 1-2$/ea

Plastic tub (largest one you can find with only 6" depth) 15$

calking (anything that will adhere to tub) 3-6$

Cost of not having to watch the mill like a hawk with oil bottle and not having to manually move away shavings.... priceless


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